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1:03-- =UleeDeway=: I think I did 1/2 a lap before falling of the side in to a hole in time and space.
12:33-- Blaktop: 40 minute lap time at Targa Florio....hehe.....60 something km lap
10:29-- =UleeDeway=: The Alpine GT4 cars are great!
6:25-- =UleeDeway=: Nice!!!
22:07-- =Fieldzy=: New server up with Alpine GT4 LINK «link»
23:05-- =UleeDeway=: What are we testing this weekend?
5:43-- =UleeDeway=: Nice work Fieldzy!!!
4:55-- =Fieldzy=: Server at Silverstone has bmw c2, datsun, porsche cup, radical 2017. The Doningtin server has audi gt3. See u all tonight
9:18-- =UleeDeway=: just having a bite to eat and I will be there
8:24-- =Fieldzy=: I'LL put the figure 8 server up for hits and giggles
8:23-- =Fieldzy=: I'll be on about 1 hour 7,30
7:18-- GBarnier: I’ll try and be there tonight
6:25-- =UleeDeway=: I am up for some racing or shooting tonight! Anyone else?
4:07-- =Fieldzy=: Jump on ts tonight guys as we can make any race up in couple of minutes
4:05-- =Fieldzy=: I'm all for it now we are in lockdown for 3 days start tonight.
3:10-- =UleeDeway=: We should do some testing racing this weekend. Paps is going crazy.
3:09-- =UleeDeway=: We are in lockdown too, but because of snow!!! lol
1:44-- Bill Kilowatts: hmmm lockdown yay for us
20:59-- =Fieldzy=: GTE Server has been updated
13:28-- =UleeDeway=: Happy New Year everyone. Stay safe and see you on track very soon.
1:12-- Bill Kilowatts: yes happy new year to all :) what about doing an Indy test?
22:08-- =Fieldzy=: Anyone up for some racing tonight
22:07-- =Fieldzy=: All the best for 2021.
20:38-- GBarnier: Happy new year. May we stay on track for a win in 2021.
3:02-- =UleeDeway=: Working :(
2:47-- =Fieldzy=: I'm racing in 20 minutes on the new rf2 comp server in gte at imola race every few hours. jump on our ts and come race.
2:22-- =UleeDeway=: You needz to buyz it!!! «link»
0:21-- =paps=: Or do you need to go looking for it?
0:21-- =paps=: Will it have just automatically downloaded it?
11:20-- =Fieldzy=: Xmas eve
7:24-- =paps=: When did they release this?
5:34-- =Fieldzy=: Silverstone server you need the new endurance pack dlc that has the new corvette
4:51-- =UleeDeway=: Sounds like a plan
4:22-- =Fieldzy=: Racing from about 6.30 pm qld time
4:05-- =Fieldzy=: track daytona «link»
4:04-- =Fieldzy=: «link»

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"HOG is a community oriented online gaming team that provides online organised simulation racing using the rFactor 2 platform.  Hosting servers for both rFactor 2 and ARMA military simulators, Hardcore Online Gaming works hard to provide the best in custom content for our members. Whether you're into casual or serious simulation racing for trophies and prizes, or casual military simulation, with a great atmosphere on Teamspeak for both, then you've come to the right place."

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