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17-11 5:54:56 =UleeDeway= haha ... got it!!!
17-11 5:10:46 =UleeDeway= How do insert and image in the forum??? I put a link in and tried that. Nope.
17-11 3:54:41 =UleeDeway= Sorry, is there shomewhere ...?
17-11 3:29:06 =UleeDeway= Is this somewhere to get all the logos and image files for Hardcore?
16-11 7:27:15 =paps= Nice one Ulee,
15-11 13:10:07 =UleeDeway= I will try and put something together on the weekend for this. But looks like it will be the 15th with the Clip Cup Turbo 200 cars!!!
14-11 8:29:50 =Knuckles= 15th might be good then
14-11 5:24:16 =paps= YeahYeah I'm hearin ya Bill..
14-11 3:25:35 =UleeDeway= Come on now Bill, you had to go and tell 'em, didn't ya. ;)
13-11 18:11:20 Bill Kilowatts Oh and by the way Paps... 2 hours GT1 at Monza, Ulee 1st, Bill 2nd, Paps DNF... 2.5 hours Beetles at Spa Ulee 1st, Bill 2nd, Paps.. somewhere back there... seeing a trend yet ?? :P :D
13-11 18:08:21 Bill Kilowatts I'll be out getting Christmas cheer on the 1st :P
13-11 14:35:26 =UleeDeway= If we make it Dec. 15th, that gives guys lots of time to learn the track better.
13-11 14:33:23 =UleeDeway= Except that weekend. ;)
13-11 11:37:46 =Knuckles= 1st of december maybe? how much lead time do you want?
13-11 10:48:55 =UleeDeway= What is a good weekend to run the Monster 300ish race?
13-11 4:56:48 =paps= yeah Bill thats it! Nords just makes even the simplest of cars that are not even that fast, difficult to drive. Hence the nic name 'THE GREEN HELL" O.O
11-11 10:57:09 Bill Kilowatts I thought Clio turbo's were pretty good and a more or less fixed setup no black magic to get there..... now if only I could finish a lap :S
11-11 7:16:05 =UleeDeway= :D
11-11 7:12:45 =Dashman= excellent work Ulee! careful bout being so quick...we dont need to be shown up! :P :D
11-11 7:08:23 =UleeDeway= and v2.3 of the track here «link»
11-11 7:07:42 =UleeDeway= Here they are again: «link» «link» , «link»
11-11 6:45:12 =Dashman= Just for those who are wanting to try the mods in the Nords server, maybe throw some links to steam pages up in the shout box??
11-11 2:50:08 =UleeDeway= Thanks =Knuckles= . We did some testing this morning and kind of liking the Renault Clio Cup Turbo cars. Great feeling car for a FWD. We should do some more testing though to get some more opinions.
11-11 1:40:48 =Knuckles= BMW 320, Mercedes EVO and Clio turbos on nords for testing and a special treat for the GTE on server 1
10-11 6:12:50 =UleeDeway= thanks for the input =BK=, and I agree.
10-11 5:58:18 =BK= Ulee... the BMW is a rocket ship and sounds like a hairdryer on steroids. The Merc is great to drive and handles the track better than other cars. Two good choices
10-11 0:03:55 =UleeDeway= «link»
10-11 0:02:55 =UleeDeway= There is an 0RA server up with this «link» , this «link» and the VW Fun Cup Cars. Feel free to give these a go as well.
9-11 10:11:49 =UleeDeway= The latest track in the rf2 workshop is my "home" track here in Japan. Autopolis is about a 2 hour drive from here in the mountains. Was designed as an F1 level circuit, but the went bust and sold it to Kawasaki and I think it is still their main test track.
9-11 10:09:59 =UleeDeway= Shocking how little content for RF2 there is on Race Department. Just a handful of mods are either new or have had an update in 2018. Really, I think it is 4 or 5!!!
9-11 8:56:43 =Knuckles= meganes are a studio 397 mod so i'd hazard a guess they'd be fantastic. I haven't tried em yet
8-11 13:50:19 =UleeDeway= It is the same guy who did the 70s Touring Cars I believe. So it would likely have the same issues. Another screemer though!!!
8-11 13:49:21 =UleeDeway= Thought for a second I found gold!!! «link»
8-11 13:23:43 =UleeDeway= Still waiting for suggestions though. :D
8-11 13:23:01 =UleeDeway= The Street Cars were FWD though.
8-11 13:22:32 =UleeDeway= Pretty sure these are the Rear-Mid Engine V6 Rear Wheel Drive Cars. But if you can't tell after driving them, then something is not right with the mod.
8-11 10:36:49 =Knuckles= are we back to the meganes then?
8-11 10:35:48 =Knuckles= is the rf version rwd?
8-11 10:35:36 =Knuckles= i googled 2013 megane and they definitely sold a fwd version
8-11 5:28:12 =paps= Meganes ARE rwd! :O
7-11 9:53:06 =paps= Kenny racing at Gympie last weekend .. «link»
7-11 9:27:21 =paps= Old and slow is fine with me.. 8)
7-11 9:24:03 =UleeDeway= Something older and a bit slower would be great.
7-11 9:23:41 =UleeDeway= Taking suggestions!!! GT3s are too fast for us mortals here. You aliens may be alright. ;)
7-11 8:47:54 =Knuckles= no they are not
7-11 8:47:48 =Knuckles= no
7-11 8:44:13 =Knuckles= meganes are rear aren't they
7-11 4:45:42 =Dashman= oh paps your such a pussy and party pooper :D
7-11 3:56:49 =paps= Really looking forward to the Monster this year, but please don't use the Renault..we need some rear wheel drive goodness for this race me thinks. :P
7-11 0:22:00 =Dashman= come on Ulee, wheres the sell?! sell it mate sell it!!! :P ;)
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