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17-3 11:46:57 =paps= Goodwood 76th Members Meeting Live Stream - «link»
17-3 8:18:45 Ulee Deway Sorry, don't think I can make it tonight guys. Was looking forward to this one too. Good Luck.
14-3 5:58:11 =paps= :D
14-3 5:58:07 =paps= «link»
11-3 4:17:46 =paps= :P
10-3 23:14:07 glynn hes still my friend ... i think ?8)
10-3 23:13:08 glynn :D
10-3 22:13:57 =Adsta= Good to be on track with you again glynnoooo! ;) I must admit to having a little chuckle to myself at Paps. Gets glynn to join in, maybe to spice up the battle, and glynn wins both races and karma latches on to Paps for a 7th and 6th place. :P Paps can afford to have a whole round off and still be leading the points. :S
10-3 21:08:00 glynn awesome racing last night guys thanks for hooking me up paps:)
9-3 22:38:59 =paps= Naw ..your a good dad Fieldzy.
9-3 20:31:01 =FIELDZY= Won’t be racing tonight daughters 17th birthday.
8-3 7:45:17 =paps= nah we going to race these this weekend ...lol :D
8-3 7:39:14 =FIELDZY= GT3 server?
4-3 0:23:26 =paps= Thnx Fieldzy.
3-3 23:21:31 =FIELDZY= Donington park server is up no rain but it is cold.
3-3 7:03:54 =Chill= lucky it's raining at Mid Ohio, should be nice and cool
3-3 2:31:51 =FIELDZY= And getting sick of this hot weather too. LOL
3-3 2:31:06 =paps= GO FieldZy.. :P
3-3 2:30:24 =FIELDZY= :) :):)
3-3 2:30:08 =FIELDZY= Just my getting feedup with the bullshit advertising in the world and ceo just fucking ordinary people over for their own gain.
3-3 2:26:57 =FIELDZY= Supercars 2018 should be called fantasycars. Why well you can't buy a v8 commondore at all and why would you buy a commondore Sorry I mean a Daewoo that is what it is built with the help of Peugeot. «link»
27-2 4:41:47 =paps= Morgan Park Raceway for rF2 - «link» :D
27-2 4:41:20 =paps= gdayRatty
25-2 8:06:36 =Rat= im baaaack..what I miss?
25-2 4:37:41 =Chill= love the rain
25-2 4:30:28 =Spacko= bring it on
25-2 4:27:39 =FIELDZY= Mid ohio will be up as soon as I can get on the dedi. Here is the weather report for this Saturady. «link»
24-2 6:52:56 =paps= HAHAha.. :P
24-2 6:49:38 Ulee Deway Sorry, thought that was a question mark. :D
24-2 6:49:08 Ulee Deway I wish. ;)
24-2 5:22:29 =paps= :D
24-2 5:22:09 =paps= Pussy!
24-2 5:16:06 Ulee Deway Not going to make it tonight after all guys. Sorr, and no it isn't because of the rain. ;)
24-2 1:22:47 =paps= do you use the laucher to join the server? it should automatically load or unload all the mods required and or adjust your setup accordingly as far as I know.
24-2 1:20:54 =paps= Oh thats right.. I remember now lol. :P
24-2 1:13:33 Ulee Deway Domi 3.82. We were talk online last night after you face planted your keyboard, and it seems to maybe be an Unsung thingy.
23-2 22:54:28 =paps= What ARMA server are you trying to access Ulee?
23-2 14:05:30 Ulee Deway Still no luck joining the ARMA server. rF2 works great though. :D
23-2 7:57:19 =Chill= noice
21-2 5:54:43 =Spacko= Arma 4 Has been confirmed to be in the works using the new Enfusion engine that DayZ currently uses.
20-2 7:09:30 =paps= Gday Stitch.
20-2 2:26:41 FDG Stitch A big FDG hello to all Hardcore, I met Knuckles on Friday night at Discos place, was great to put a face to the voice, Cheers all.
19-2 21:24:41 =paps= What he said!
19-2 9:50:08 =Dashman= ...and leave third person on if we are going to play in the jungle...its a game not real life. just saying :)
19-2 9:32:33 =paps= Kunkie can we pleeease get the time of day adjusted on Nam server next time your having a look at it?.. :)
18-2 9:37:15 Ulee Deway bugger!!!
18-2 9:12:38 =paps= incomming!! ...'First world problems' :_(
18-2 9:11:36 =paps= Is the Naaaamm server still running realtime? ..It's 2am in server at the moment, that means it's not playable until [5am svr tme]10pm tonight!!
18-2 3:44:35 =Adsta= Well then you'll probably enjoy the colourful banter when he talks to me next. :O
18-2 2:49:40 Ulee Deway lol, I would like to see that some day :D
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