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21-7 8:30:35 Ulee Deway Sorry guys, can't make it once again.
21-7 4:16:06 =paps= Cheers k,nucks
21-7 3:42:02 =Knuckles= Bathurst and Sebring added to endurance rotation
15-7 8:11:34 =paps= Thatsux VL.
15-7 8:11:17 =paps= Be on in 10.ish
15-7 8:10:53 =VLGroupA= was trying to get on last night for some racing, but the stupid internet is broken, yet again... gggggrrrr, wish they'd stop stuffing the cables up in the housing estate around the corner
15-7 8:09:28 =VLGroupA= Bloody internet woahs!!
15-7 7:52:02 =Knuckles= it's all working now
15-7 7:51:54 =Knuckles= never mind the link, just join
15-7 7:32:46 =Knuckles= in ts as well
15-7 7:32:32 =Knuckles= «link»
15-7 7:26:22 =Knuckles= onto it
15-7 7:26:17 =Knuckles= copy
15-7 5:03:42 =paps= Please.
15-7 5:01:09 =paps= And change the server time accelerator so that it goes night and day in about 1hr or so! :P
15-7 4:59:05 =paps= Can't get into Server2..says missing package? I'm sure I have this track, can we please get a link Knucks?
14-7 13:58:03 =Knuckles= 2nd rf2 server is a goer
14-7 9:52:53 =paps= :(
14-7 8:55:09 GBarnier Sorry, not going to make it tonight.
14-7 5:51:26 =paps= No wonder you been so grumpy this week, ya old cunt! :P
14-7 5:49:58 =paps= that sux Fieldzy... :(
14-7 4:52:04 =FIELDZY= I'm out for tonight race have wheel problems.
13-7 7:33:27 =paps= «link»
12-7 10:09:14 =paps= Goodwood FOS LIVE - «link»
11-7 10:45:52 =Knuckles= restarting server for maintenance
10-7 9:35:12 =FIELDZY= How the second rf2 server going?
7-7 22:14:34 =FIELDZY= GT3 server for next week is up. Imola raceway
7-7 8:54:46 =Adsta= Stuff ya's then :( Ulee, I'm coming over, you better have some rumbos in the fridge :D
7-7 7:57:32 =paps= yeah i'm happy to have another night off, ...thanks for the arma update. knucks
7-7 7:48:00 =Knuckles= Domination updated to 3.95
7-7 7:35:20 =Knuckles= We could have another rest...
7-7 7:34:54 =Knuckles= i thought ora enduro was pushed back a week to tonight?
7-7 6:38:48 GBarnier I’m doubtful for tonight too ... got a houseful of family visiting.
7-7 5:58:05 Ulee Deway Forget about the fans!!! It is all about me!!! Sponsors? I have to sponsor myself, and my co-workers, and my boss. I think I must be doing something wrong. :S
7-7 2:38:32 =Adsta= Think of the fans and sponsors Ulee. If you don't get this insidious "real life" addiction out of your system you'll be getting lapped, by AI.
7-7 1:39:30 Ulee Deway Sorry guys, I'm out for tonight's race yet again. :_(
6-7 5:50:01 =paps= Ok then.. :(
6-7 5:14:47 =Zero= Might not have the rig set up tonight but down for a shoot afterwards.
6-7 3:54:13 =paps= Set that rig up buddy..
6-7 3:53:34 =paps= Be great to see you out on track again Zero.
6-7 0:40:46 =Zero= Argh got stuck in the office til late, But tonights friday so we know what that means.. :D
5-7 10:18:39 =FIELDZY= New track to run gt3 on Hockenheimring v1.2 just updated to dx11 and It is a treat. it is on steam.
5-7 8:14:25 =paps= Should be there soon Zero.
5-7 3:18:40 =Zero= I think tonight im well overdue for a shoot..
4-7 7:44:52 =paps= thx Fieldz.
4-7 7:38:22 =FIELDZY= GT3 Virginia ROUND 7 on server
4-7 4:27:02 FDG Stitch RIP Docky, you will be missed
3-7 5:32:33 =paps= I broke yours years ago ADs.
2-7 10:52:36 Ulee Deway Yep, if you wanna come get 'em. ;)
2-7 10:46:40 =Adsta= I think I gave you my old set :S .....which means :O you broke my headset you rough bastardo! :P
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