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9:33-- =paps=: How'd your D\Ls go there Bill?
9:33-- =paps=: Doh..I missed you on arma Dash, you were there..and then you were gone! all good ..catchup tommoroz. ;)
8:39-- Bill Kilowatts: If you get Arma 3 apex edition GB, comes with choppers and a few others dlc2 has more and then you start on the mods :S
5:22-- =UleeDeway=: If you haven't got this game yet then a must watch «link»
5:21-- =UleeDeway=: I think I have them all, but we rarely use some of them. Always fun trying them offline too.
3:48-- GBarnier: Any others worth getting?
3:47-- GBarnier: Just looking at the steam sales, might have to grab the Arma3 DLC1 for the choppers :)
11:10-- =UleeDeway=: I remember I guy named =Kunkie= from a long long time ago!!! :P
10:52-- =Dashman=: Mate! No need to apoloigies!...Its all your fault :P If i wasnt about to lay down and rest my busted ribs. Id be in there. Thanks mate
10:47-- =Kunkie=: sorry Dash, all fixed now bud
9:08-- =paps=: Copythat! :|
9:07-- =Dashman=: of that im aware. If only i could fix the thingamebob...:S
9:05-- =paps=: O.O
9:05-- =paps=: It's a user double thingymebob on server or somethingoranother dash!
9:01-- =paps=: Mine was doing that..
8:55-- =Dashman=: well that tops off my week...cant get into exile anymore. just keeps ditching on the ground somewhere dead!! for those who can, enjoy!:P
7:14-- =paps=: When you have some time jump in TS so we can run through what you'll need to access HardcoreARMA3 servers Bill,... :D
3:57-- =UleeDeway=: Well worth it Bill!!! You will end up spending countless hours playing it.
2:09-- Bill Kilowatts: and I picked up Arma3 apex plus dlc2 pack for just under $50 au last weekend :)
2:08-- Bill Kilowatts: did some of those have passengers??? what the ???
14:22-- =UleeDeway=: I remember these «link»
3:42-- =UleeDeway=: Just got an email that ARMA and Apex are free to try this weekend. For those who have not tried it yet. Available through Steam. Maybe we need a ARMA party weekend!!!
1:40-- Bill Kilowatts: not much of a problem =UleeDeway=: no brains around here :P
21:00-- =paps=: the easiest way to hook you up with all this Bill, is to get you to jump on ts and i"ll run through it with you buddy.
20:58-- =paps=: :P
10:48-- =UleeDeway=: Watch out for them Bill. They like to eat brains, brains and more brains.
8:00-- =UleeDeway=: Bloody Zombies I tell ya!!!
7:05-- =paps=: Thanks SS. :)
6:19-- SmellySkidmark: Anyone looking for some racing tonight?
xfactor has the Radicals @ Croft
3 x 15 min races, Qually @ 8:45
4:58-- =paps=: «link» You'll need this for starters,
3:24-- Bill Kilowatts: cheers ..... oh dear more epic downloads :(
2:42-- =paps=: You'll need a couple of other things, there free, but at least one of them is a fairly large download as well... I'll post some links soon as I get home from work Bill.
1:49-- Bill Kilowatts: we have Arma :) phew another epic download session, whats needed to be able to join the servers please?
4:26-- =Adsta=: That's no good mate. I hope the hat landed safely! ;)
10:07-- =Knuckles=: compo city here we come population: you
9:58-- =paps=: Holy crap .. get some rest mate.

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