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22:26-- =Chill=: anneau du rhin
22:25-- =Chill=: road atlanta
22:25-- =Chill=: istanbul
22:25-- =Chill=: Zolder
22:25-- =Chill=: 4 new fresh tracks on the GT3 server
8:42-- =Chill=: «link»
6:50-- =FIELDZY=: «link»
6:50-- =FIELDZY=: 888 racing 2018 cars
6:08-- =FIELDZY=: Can't do tonight heading to xmas party.
5:22-- =Chill=: servers might be dead though
5:21-- =Chill=: steam rfactor still works and you are allowed to use your original rfactor purchase key to get a steam key....
5:04-- =Chill=: legends brandies snatch?
5:01-- =Chill=: gt3 laguna?
10:26-- =paps=: Oh really...no I didn't hear about that. :|
10:20-- joeldc: did you hear servers are dead no longer supported
10:19-- =paps=: lol ..
10:16-- joeldc: RIP rfactor 1
7:01-- SmellySkidmark: Test run tonight for the Aussie Legends @ Phillip Island
6:00-- =Chill=: Aussie legends server updated to 0.9 and added symmons plains and cadwell
10:05-- =FIELDZY=: can someone restart the arnma server someone ask me.
5:40-- =Chill=: sweet
4:54-- =paps=: Gt3's sound good..
4:41-- =Chill=: or the beaters?
4:40-- =Chill=: GT3 ?
4:36-- =paps=: lol @Dash (?)
1:38-- =Dashman=: if i get done with work in time...its been so long...is it right foot brake...no no left hand clutch...no no....
0:13-- =paps=: Anyone up for a few laps tnight?
4:45-- =Chill=: «link»
6:54-- =paps=: all good... :)
6:51-- SmellySkidmark: nah, was going to this arvo, but went onto our instead.
6:50-- =paps=: are you joining us for a few laps tonight mate?
6:47-- SmellySkidmark: k
6:47-- =paps=: I better contact Chill and get'em sorted!
6:46-- =paps=: yeah just noticed that now..hehe
6:45-- SmellySkidmark: no servers?
6:45-- =paps=: yeah mate, thats right...GT3s

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