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3:03-- =FIELDZY=: The update for these Endurance Series rF2 is great.
7:09-- =FIELDZY=: Rfactor 2 server been updated. I will be on later tonight.
3:05-- =FIELDZY=: Great improvement.
19:49-- =Adsta=: It's out. rF2 update is released. :O :) :D
20:59-- =paps=: «link» O.O
9:51-- =Chill=: no just set difficulty to custom on the mission tab and hit load
5:02-- =Dashman=: arma server updated Chill. Not sure if i restarted properly. dose a config file still need loading??
7:06-- =paps=: ORA FUNRUN Kicks Off - [approx]7pmQLD time :P
9:05-- =Chill=: monza wins
9:05-- =Chill=: macau ruled out
8:43-- =Chill=: just monza and macau now
8:43-- =Chill=: atlanta removed
8:30-- =Chill=: did we race the studio 397?
8:25-- =Chill=: dunno if atlanta is different... maybe not
8:22-- =Chill=: they're all in steam, links are in the event thread
6:31-- =Adsta=: I gave up Fieldzy. No success with finding the three tracks. :|
6:01-- =FIELDZY=: Under rfactor 2
6:01-- =FIELDZY=: Just did that and hardcore dos not show up???????????
5:58-- =Adsta=: Fieldzy, while I do agree with you about providing the files for download, if you read my last post in the rF2 Tips n Tricks thread you'll see there is a easy way to find out.
5:58-- =FIELDZY=: This is what I mean. Just downloaded 3 monza, 3 alantas n 2 of Brianza and still can't get on to the server. WTF,WTF
5:54-- =FIELDZY=: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5:39-- =FIELDZY=: Can we put in hardcore downloads what we need for the server. Please I don't won't to waste 2 hours of my time to find what I need . Please
3:01-- =paps=: Is it a different Atlanta to the one we raced earlier in the season? :)
2:59-- =paps=: THanks Chill.
0:42-- =Chill=: Macau Brianza and Atlanta on rF2 for testing
0:42-- =Chill=: Domination 3.89 on ARMA
0:05-- =paps=: March Roadmap - «link»
5:46-- =Adsta=: :D :D
0:26-- =paps=: Blackwood tonight boys. :)
7:02-- =Adsta=: What he said! ;)
4:29-- =paps=: Thanks Chill. :)
2:25-- =Chill=: in downloads now
5:51-- =paps=: Aaahh... I seen, ....Yes please, what he said!
5:26-- Ulee Deway: I think he meant for asking about the replay.
4:26-- =paps=: ??

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