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8:24-- =paps=: *thumbsup*
8:17-- =FIELDZY=: I have put Zandvoort up for GT3. See what you all think.
6:46-- =paps=: Single player???... who does that??...wouldn't even know what button to klick to make it work!! :S
5:03-- Boldaussie: Have you selected all cars and tracks?
3:07-- Bill Kilowatts: is anyone else having a problem with r2 single player? only loads race mods we have done before???
11:47-- =Rat=: ill be baaaack soon!
2:11-- =paps=: lol @ Bill
13:07-- Bill Kilowatts: Doing my thing and trying to be tidy in race 2 ;) might be a hold up but at least I'm not a chicane :P , pitted just got going server crashed... oh dear... heard the missus on Skype... " hey you what have you done to the connection??" followed later by my grovelling apology for being a smart arse :D
12:50-- =UleeDeway=: I thought so too. ;)
12:42-- =paps=: Pfft...shit excuse Ulee!! :P
11:45-- =UleeDeway=: Sorry I missed the race tonight. Simply lost track of time at a friend's BBQ. Was actually planning on making it too.
11:02-- Bill Kilowatts: «link»
10:50-- GBarnier: everyone
10:50-- =FIELDZY=: yes all gone and dedi down
10:49-- =paps=: did everyone drop or jus me??? :_(
10:49-- =paps=: fuck..
10:49-- =FIELDZY=: wtf
6:46-- =FIELDZY=: Have no idea was doing the same thing couple rounds ago.
6:05-- Boldaussie: Fieldzy has obviously rigged it.... :P
6:04-- Boldaussie: Also places aren't being updated in driver mouse over
6:03-- Boldaussie: On both,they are in the results of liveracers and updating while in session, but they are not staying in the fastest times after session finish
5:51-- =paps=: On both servers? or just the GRpC server?
3:22-- Boldaussie: Any reason no times are being held in liveracers beyond a session?
6:52-- =FIELDZY=: No rain for Sunday race
12:33-- =UleeDeway=: It would be a lot of fun to have that in RF2 again. I raced with =hardcore= in at east one of those series. It was huge fun, even though I never got the hang of it.
10:39-- =Knuckles=: no dust lol
8:59-- =paps=: hahaha... good point GB, And I tend to agree. BUT dam it looks so good, I so want to get back behind the wheel of one of these beasts... I'm torn :_(
8:57-- GBarnier: We need this in RF2 :D
8:55-- GBarnier: Still not tempted to sell my soul back to iRacing though ;)
8:03-- =paps=: =HARDCORE= ran this type of racing on a Tuesday night for years.
8:01-- =paps=: And It was freakin awesome!!!!!
7:51-- GBarnier: Meh, we had that in RF1 :P
0:00-- =paps=: Might have to fire up me iRacing account again!! :D
22:42-- =Adsta=: Fuck yeh!!! :D
12:26-- =UleeDeway=: WTF!!! «link»
6:50-- =paps=: probably right, maybe!/?? :S

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