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8:06-- =paps=: O.O
8:05-- =UleeDeway=: the suspense ...
6:55-- =paps=: testingtesting.
5:52-- =paps=: ...........
5:48-- =paps=: I'm working on it!!!! 8)
3:12-- =UleeDeway=: WTF. Unacceptable Paps. At least Bill has a good temptation!!! :P
1:19-- Bill Kilowatts: gonna miss tonight, not happy, but I've been told I have to eat steak and drink beer, what ever to do? The pressure is immense ......
0:24-- =Adsta=: You might be wiping those tears away GB! ;)
22:45-- GBarnier: :_(
22:12-- =paps=: I doubt i'll make it tonight, my net is still to slow for racing,..Good luck and have fun, ;)
11:03-- =UleeDeway=: Thanks =FIELDZY=. Just got home and was about to update it until I saw your wonderful message :D
8:37-- =FIELDZY=: I will update rf2 but someone else will need to restart arma
6:28-- =FIELDZY=: I haven't done it for while so I will leave it up to someone else. be on later tonight for some practise.
6:01-- =paps=: Probably..
5:18-- =FIELDZY=: ok I've updated my cars can't get on server as no car select is showing. does the server need updating
3:15-- =Adsta=: Your in the big time now Ulee, gotta keep you on your toes. :P
0:50-- =UleeDeway=: Again. The day be for the series starts too. :O
21:00-- =Adsta=: All GT3/E cars have had small updates.
7:30-- =paps=: Thats awesome Fieldz, looking forward to seeing you back on track man. :)
7:07-- =FIELDZY=: Just done a couple of laps yeh ha
5:22-- =paps=: All good buddy, whenevr you have time.
5:20-- =FIELDZY=: I have some pedals arriving tomorrow. Paps I'll drop the other ones back this week.
10:07-- =paps=: :P
9:22-- =Adsta=: You must be French Canadian! :D
7:59-- =UleeDeway=: Finally worked it out, and using the regions to get the finishes I wanted. Two more cars to do now, because I can't decide. :S
6:37-- =paps=: It's all French to me!! O.O
6:05-- =FIELDZY=: Just use the template and delete the regional layers . Unless you are using a current car dds then thats way a layer is underneath
4:09-- =UleeDeway=: It is picking up the region dds from the other car. Figured that part out at least.
3:32-- =UleeDeway=: It worked but is really shinny and I can see the other skin below. Looks terrible.
2:48-- =FIELDZY=: Ulee just paint like you did before you don’t need the regional dds its there for soecial effect. Just save as an altyourname. dds skins still work
0:25-- =UleeDeway=: They lost me in the first minute!!! I will have to sit down and study it though. I guess my 5 minutes skins are a thing of the past though. :D
19:01-- =Adsta=: I did it Ulee. It's easy. Don't worry about Alpha layer. Follow their guide when doing the Regions.
13:27-- =UleeDeway=: Studio 397 have made skinning to difficult now. All this Alpha Layer crap, and different regions. Id o not understand it, and can't be bothered to learn. At least not now.
12:15-- GBarnier: :D
11:25-- =UleeDeway=: Narrowed it down to three cars .... maybe!!!

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