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9:29-- =FIELDZY=: QR YES
7:52-- =paps=: QR?
3:07-- =UleeDeway=: I don't know either that well, so either is fine for me.
1:39-- =paps=: I'm easy either way Fieldz, did we get Townsville track issue sorted out?
0:56-- =FIELDZY=: Morning all. Are we racing Townsville from the mix up last week or we racing QLD raceway ?
7:55-- =Knuckles=: aaarggghh
5:33-- =FIELDZY=: rfactor updated again server will need doing when able. Cheers
20:58-- =paps=: :D
12:56-- =UleeDeway=: Great more high beams from you fasties!!! ;)
5:38-- =paps=: Nice one Fieldzy.
5:23-- =FIELDZY=: link «link»
5:23-- =FIELDZY=: Found this works great.https://forum.studio-397.com/index.php?threads/headlight-controls.63904/
5:05-- =FIELDZY=: Anyway back at Townsville from last week as we should be then QLD next week.
5:03-- =FIELDZY=: Got message back from track maker and he has updated and fixed the problem on QLD Raceway. Steam updated to 2.75
2:20-- Bill Kilowatts: Queensland raceway this weekend?
8:16-- =Knuckles=: server is up
8:11-- =Knuckles=: rogering
0:40-- =FIELDZY=: rf2 update just now. Server will need doing when time permits. Cheers
13:18-- =UleeDeway=: Guess what I found???
20:49-- =paps=: Thanks Knucks.
11:28-- =UleeDeway=: O.O
11:13-- =Knuckles=: server is up
9:42-- =FIELDZY=: COOL
9:29-- =paps=: Woohoo.
9:24-- =Knuckles=: nah it'll be live tonight
9:08-- =FIELDZY=: Are we calling tomorrows race off ?
8:03-- =paps=: Should be good to go before this weeks race no doubt.. :)
9:30-- =FIELDZY=: any idea of time frame for rf2 server back in action
15:20-- =UleeDeway=: Wow. :_(
11:36-- =Knuckles=: rebuilding it...again
5:53-- GBarnier: Medic !!
12:52-- =UleeDeway=: oh oh
9:35-- =paps=: BUGGA!! :|
9:32-- =Knuckles=: looks like it has some kind of african booty disease
9:31-- =Knuckles=: server is down, repeat, server is down
8:58-- =Knuckles=: yup

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