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7:27-- =UleeDeway=: Where did you get to last night Mr. Paps!?!? You certainly were there for the practice race.
7:48-- =paps=: haha...sounds simple when you say it fast.>>>>> :P
7:44-- =FIELDZY=: Boldaussie in your display settings tick the download custom skins that is why your having the problem with us. Because you said there was no Aston file in your player/setting.
1:03-- GBarnier: Ditto
12:22-- =UleeDeway=: Sounds good to me!!!
11:24-- =paps=: I think we should stick with sebring because thats the next round,..aaand it's an enduro round so!!!.. more practice is good, YEAH?? :)
10:53-- Bill Kilowatts: I posted in a couple of other forums to see if we could get a few more, already advertised Sebring, I'll change it if you like
8:31-- =FIELDZY=: I will able to do Saturday night. What do you think about running Hidden valley gt3 short races?. Just had a test on it runs great with the GT3
5:50-- =paps=: Sounds like plan Bill...lets roll with that!! :P
5:01-- Bill Kilowatts: Saturday 7.30 get quali going and go from there :D
1:31-- Bill Kilowatts: Thanks Fieldzy
7:36-- =FIELDZY=: I put Sebring up but that version is heavy on frames Starting grid with only 10 cars below 60fps. The other sebring I have 20 cars 89fps. So guys see how you go with your systems add some AI see how you go.
16:19-- Bill Kilowatts: Sunday night would work better for me Ulee, I could throw out a couple of invites to a couple of racing forums to boost numbers
3:13-- =UleeDeway=: I will be around this weekend I think, so I would be up for it if we can get a few guys in. Or even a test race for the Enduro (the next series race).
2:17-- Bill Kilowatts: How about Group C mod @ Istanbul Park, single 1 hour race?
10:19-- GBarnier: Happy belated birthday Ulee
9:11-- =UleeDeway=: Shush now!!! Nothing to see here.
9:08-- Bill Kilowatts: Did I just see that Ulee turned 49 yesterday?? Belated birthday greetings old man :D
1:20-- Bill Kilowatts: So I'm stuck at home next weekend unless I can sort beer and steak again, any thoughts for a one off
23:14-- =paps=: Thanks Fieldzy.
11:23-- =FIELDZY=: Replays in download Dubai 2019
7:56-- =paps=: You need to have the day off on racedays Ulee :P
6:20-- =UleeDeway=: Even got my Salt and Vinegar chips waiting for me.
6:18-- =UleeDeway=: Still not sure I can make it guys. Will give it a try again when I get home. But not hopeful at this point. :_(
4:20-- =Adsta=: Do, do, do the funky gibbon! :D
4:16-- =FIELDZY=: Race day you monkeys
2:48-- GBarnier: Happy belated birthday Fieldzy
9:37-- =FIELDZY=: Thanks guys
9:09-- =Adsta=: Oh to be 21 again! :P
6:01-- =Spacko=: Happy Birthday =FIELDZY= hope you get spoilt mate
1:22-- GBarnier: Yup
21:31-- =Adsta=: Dirt Rally 2 on sale, 25% off. I think still too dear. From what I've read there is not much improvement from DR1.
7:35-- =paps=: :D
7:30-- =paps=: YOU Freakin Legend..:D
7:05-- =Kunkie=: exile back up and running ;)
9:24-- =paps=: 15-20min

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