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0:51-- =paps=: Good fun last night boys, I had 3 crappy races but still really enjoyed it!! :P
12:11-- =Fieldzy=: Yes I know I’ll fix points tomorrow double up on image
7:09-- =UleeDeway=: Good work FIELDZY
7:03-- =Fieldzy=: Yes I just fixed that.
6:00-- Jules: Hi Fieldzy, doesn't look like the Radical is in the HOG 3 Hidden Valley for this evening?
4:16-- =Fieldzy=: Sorry server 1 is the problem
4:15-- =Fieldzy=: Server is now up. Server 3 has a problem so VW at Spa server is not running till we can fix ok.
2:22-- Bill Kilowatts: server is not up for tonight's race
11:00-- =UleeDeway=: PM sent GB
1:13-- =UleeDeway=: They should be up and running. But not sure how to get them working on Game Tracker over there.
23:57-- =Fieldzy=: Ulee server not running i can't remember how to start them.
23:24-- =UleeDeway=: Shootin Shit Saturday night tonight maybe guys!?!?!? We can always just jump on the servers that are hopefully still up and running. 6:30pm
23:22-- =UleeDeway=: way to go dave :P
21:53-- =Fieldzy=: good one dave
13:50-- =HellspA=: chers lil meant to pm so public cant see chat? i could be wrong tho...
13:23-- =Lildave=: i think
13:20-- =Lildave=: v8rumble
13:16-- =HellspA=: pm me lol
13:09-- =HellspA=: been awhile folks whats the ts3 password?
10:01-- =UleeDeway=: I'm still at work, so won't be able to make it as usual.
7:27-- =Fieldzy=: GTE race night at Zandvoort 8.00pm sharp.
8:26-- =UleeDeway=: What's Kunkie up to these days? We may need some help with the ARMA servers.
12:06-- =UleeDeway=: Hey Dashman!!! Glad to hear from ya. Thinking about getting Satturday nights going again, if we can get a few guys in to the ARMA server.
12:00-- =Lildave=: =Dashman=, If I can make a come back, so can you. Been way to long to not talk with my friends. And shit lets be honest, heaps better than sex.
11:38-- =Dashman=: hmmm...well with the way China is ramping shit up, Might be time to get back into arma and practice up! Knucks has got the right idea with Hardcore Blasters. Its all getting outta hand!
10:41-- =Fieldzy=: sorry no ts till Knuckle looks at tomorrow
9:53-- =Fieldzy=: Just updating server so should fix it.
9:30-- =Fieldzy=: Sorry can't start ts don't know what is wrong.
9:12-- =Fieldzy=: YEH
9:09-- =UleeDeway=: Happy Canada Day!!! :D
8:46-- =Fieldzy=: I’ll check be on in 15
8:28-- =Lildave=: Is TS down?
8:18-- =paps=: Dunno about Dash, doesn't seem to be around much anymore..maybe he's found somewhere/one better to be around these days? :(
3:45-- =UleeDeway=: Where is =Dashman= again?
2:04-- =UleeDeway=: We noticed. ;)
21:52-- =paps=: That would be nice. however with my current work load I find it hard to stay awake past 7pm.. O.O

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TOPIC: rFactor 2 Friday nights HARDCORE

rFactor 2 Friday nights HARDCORE 3 years 8 months ago #3119

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Adsta wrote:
I agree, I've enjoyed the last two Friday nights racing.

Now that I'm not on the tools at work I told them I didn't want to drive the 3 hours for 4 hours work on Saturday, which they were fine with.
So now I only work 5 days a week and I can stay up late two nights a week. :woohoo:

Remember when you were young and could stay up late every night.:(

Anyways, lovin the fun runs but has there been any thought of a rF2 Friday night series?
I would enjoy that with you lunatics plus it's always good to chat with Pap's dog on TS. B)
2nd this idea adsta i think were all ready to go hardcore on fridays and ill try to g up those asrnz lads :)
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rFactor 2 Friday nights HARDCORE 3 years 8 months ago #3133

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It worked Glynn!!! :woohoo:
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