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21:22-- =paps=: Nah... awesome track in AC but
12:57-- =UleeDeway=: Anyone tried Bridgehampton for RF2 yet?
8:41-- =paps=: Boooo,, :|
3:43-- =UleeDeway=: Waiting for the weekend!!! ;)
0:29-- =paps=: No one to play ARMA with..
12:12-- =UleeDeway=: What's the matter Mr.Paps?
11:17-- =paps=: :(
6:33-- =paps=: «link»
6:32-- =BK=: Cheers :D
1:32-- =paps=: Thanks mate.
12:01-- =Kunkie=: exile fixed, cba had updated.
9:43-- =paps=: exile server broken :(
20:22-- =Knuckles=: looks like the mclaren updated too
20:19-- =Knuckles=: updating server now
10:46-- =paps=: Did anyone else notice that the ASTON had been released and added to the GT3 pack earlier today.. :D if you have already purchased the pack i'd say you'll now have it! ..however the GT3 server may need updating before you can try it online.
12:06-- GBarnier: RF2 crashing issue - solved (post added) :D
10:25-- =paps=: Nice one mate, be good to catchup again soon yeah.
10:10-- =Zero=: Another house move complete, internet connected, just waiting on the new headset and im back baby!
3:18-- Bill Kilowatts: yeah got a newby recently, currently selling the bike
7:00-- =paps=: Hmm, food for thought! «link»
7:21-- =paps=: Yaaah!!..
7:21-- =paps=: Kunkie jus fixed my suicidal tendencies issues in ARMA. O.O
7:18-- GBarnier: I’ll try ...
6:51-- =paps=: Hey GB, are coming in for another bit of a shoot tonight or what? :P
8:17-- =Knuckles=: i got straight in
8:11-- =Knuckles=: car update maybe?
7:15-- =paps=: yes Dash, I'm hearin ya!!
7:12-- =UleeDeway=: Sounds like fun!!!
7:04-- =Dashman=: Well I would do a few laps if i didnt have ANOTHER missing package issue:(
6:50-- =paps=: anyone up for some laps at Zandvoort in the GT3s this evening gents?..hmm..hmm..
3:24-- =paps=: good onYa BK.. ;)
3:09-- =BK=: Protection money paid. Only had 4 days left to pay!
1:00-- =paps=: THanks Bud.
0:53-- =Dashman=: I think you just saved a few fellas from going slightly crazy Kunkie! Im going to need it later today thats for sure!! thanks buddy:P
0:26-- =UleeDeway=: Thanks =Kunkie= :D
23:58-- =BK=: Cheers =kunkie= :)

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TOPIC: rFactor 2 Friday nights HARDCORE

rFactor 2 Friday nights HARDCORE 2 years 2 months ago #3119

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Adsta wrote:
I agree, I've enjoyed the last two Friday nights racing.

Now that I'm not on the tools at work I told them I didn't want to drive the 3 hours for 4 hours work on Saturday, which they were fine with.
So now I only work 5 days a week and I can stay up late two nights a week. :woohoo:

Remember when you were young and could stay up late every night.:(

Anyways, lovin the fun runs but has there been any thought of a rF2 Friday night series?
I would enjoy that with you lunatics plus it's always good to chat with Pap's dog on TS. B)
2nd this idea adsta i think were all ready to go hardcore on fridays and ill try to g up those asrnz lads :)
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rFactor 2 Friday nights HARDCORE 2 years 2 months ago #3133

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It worked Glynn!!! :woohoo:
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