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4:32-- =Adsta=: Long gear ratios will be needed from Tuning / Upgrades
1:33-- =Adsta=: ok
1:19-- =UleeDeway=: Yeah, I should have access. I should be around late afternoon. If you are around then you can walk me through it.
12:27-- =Adsta=: I joined the =HOG= 1 server, no problems. Ulee, have you got access to the server's player json? If yes I can tell you what to change for fixed setups. Very easy.
11:53-- =UleeDeway=: The RF2 server should be working now. Looks like I may have selected the wrong mod cars from the list previously. :D
11:26-- =Adsta=: Or STCC for the haters! :P
11:09-- =Adsta=: 8) BTCC for the fussy ones
11:05-- =Adsta=: + Liveracers
11:05-- =Adsta=: rF2 BTTC @ Thruxton server, fixed setups is up now. If it's wanted.
10:56-- =UleeDeway=: No RF2 updates found, but I just made it an open setup and restarted it, so see if you can join now.
8:57-- =UleeDeway=: I will check the RF2 server when I get home, but I was able to join it last night.
8:26-- =paps=: err ..server :P
8:25-- =paps=: yeah not sure whats going on with either at the moment Dashmans, as no one but the two Ks has access to the OBSIDIAN CRYSTAL.. 8)
7:25-- =Dashman=: ...and no arma servers?? ...cue crickets... :S
7:22-- =Dashman=: Evening lads. Just trying to get into the BTCCCCCCCC Ngtc server and its telling my I dont have package. unsubscribed and resubscribed to mod and track...no pulse. How do I make it live!!?? :P
22:51-- =FIELDZY=: You need the gears unlocked as the subura tops out on back straight
12:21-- =UleeDeway=: Server is now up and running with the BTCC NGTC at Thruxton and fixed setups.
8:25-- =FIELDZY=: server
7:56-- =FIELDZY=: Where is the sever?
8:56-- GBarnier: :D
8:55-- =paps=: got it!
8:44-- GBarnier: Having trouble posting to the forums, I guess its because my profile was deleted and had to re-register? BTW Ulee, the Subaru isn't FWD ;)
12:24-- =UleeDeway=: @=Knuckles= PM sent
4:20-- =Knuckles=: try the anydesk stuff i sent you ulee to get on the server
10:29-- =Kunkie=: looks like a power outage knocked the server out, should all be back up now
8:35-- =FIELDZY=: I’ll be little bit late parents here for dinner.
7:58-- =Adsta=: My server is still up. Select the 450hp engine in Tuning page. Assign buttons for Traction Control up and down in controls.
2:21-- =UleeDeway=: Liveracers is still linked to his as well.
2:20-- =UleeDeway=: ADSTA has his ready to go if necessary. May be a better option if the admins with access to the server are not going to be there on race night.
22:07-- =FIELDZY=: We need the rf2 server set to fixed setup with only brake bia n steering allowed. Thanks
5:32-- Mule: Cheers Knuckles, was getting withdrawls O.O
3:04-- =UleeDeway=: Not too sure much has changed =Rat=. Apex was the big one years ago, but not sure =Kunkie= has used anything that is not on the workshop for these current servers.
2:16-- =paps=: Cheers mate.
1:43-- =Knuckles=: activated his account
1:36-- =paps=: Racing Mule is struggling to reregister to the forum. Not getting activation email.??
1:18-- =Rat=: what is the least needed for ARMA now?

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TOPIC: rFactor 2 Friday nights HARDCORE

rFactor 2 Friday nights HARDCORE 3 years 3 months ago #3119

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Adsta wrote:
I agree, I've enjoyed the last two Friday nights racing.

Now that I'm not on the tools at work I told them I didn't want to drive the 3 hours for 4 hours work on Saturday, which they were fine with.
So now I only work 5 days a week and I can stay up late two nights a week. :woohoo:

Remember when you were young and could stay up late every night.:(

Anyways, lovin the fun runs but has there been any thought of a rF2 Friday night series?
I would enjoy that with you lunatics plus it's always good to chat with Pap's dog on TS. B)
2nd this idea adsta i think were all ready to go hardcore on fridays and ill try to g up those asrnz lads :)
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rFactor 2 Friday nights HARDCORE 3 years 2 months ago #3133

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It worked Glynn!!! :woohoo:
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