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7:41-- =UleeDeway=: Been a long couple of days since we heard from =Dashman= :S
Enduro at Sandown coming up this weekend!!!
3:56-- =Knuckles=: snadown up
9:34-- =FIELDZY=: Hi can we get sandown raceway up on server please. It is the last round of season 2 and Sandown will be an endure round. see post for details
0:00-- Bill Kilowatts: So the updated pits are going in for NBN.... nice... except the tossers just cut the existing wires to make space.... 35 houses out all weekend, the tech did say fttc should be worth it
5:30-- =FIELDZY=: Race day at Gold Coast concrete jungle get some laps in. Normal race meet.
13:13-- =Adsta=: Don't try to bullshit a bullshitter Ulee. Only one thing scares Paps. A low blood/alcohol level. ;)
8:39-- =UleeDeway=: In Ice Hockey, we would say Paps "Turtled". It means he saw who he was about to battle with and pulled his head back in to his shell. He was scared. :P
12:53-- =Adsta=: I really only wanted to do something I haven't done for a while, annoy Paps. Well didn't I feel ripped off! :_(
7:15-- =FIELDZY=: When able could we get Gold coast put on server with a morning start time thankyou.
7:14-- =FIELDZY=: Great race last night. Good to see Adsta back in action.
8:16-- Bill Kilowatts: Don't be soft Papsy... I even practiced a bit :D :D
8:06-- =FIELDZY=: Everyone read tonight format please.
8:02-- =paps=: 60 good for me Fieldz :|
7:49-- =FIELDZY=: Quick question are you all able to do 90 mins or do you want to only do 60 mins.
22:44-- =FIELDZY=: Race day Bathurst get ready
4:59-- =FIELDZY=: I’ll be on tonight for some practice
4:37-- Bill Kilowatts: I need some set up help, friggen thing handles like a boat
3:46-- =UleeDeway=: I like it!!! Spice is good!!!
3:27-- =FIELDZY=: Yes and you need to add min 100 litres it is to spice things up from the usual.
3:09-- Bill Kilowatts: is that a "must use soft tyres?" FIELDZY?
3:06-- =FIELDZY=: Don't forget to read the race format all.
3:03-- Bill Kilowatts: Don't worry about lap times Papsy ol mate, 1. you will be behind me..2 you'll probably DNF ... :D :D we have form for this ;)
12:25-- =UleeDeway=: words not required here «link»
12:25-- =UleeDeway=: lol, doubt I would be able to do that time in any land based vehicle around that track!!!
11:41-- =FIELDZY=: U sure is wasn't McLaren senna you were driving
11:24-- =UleeDeway=: What can I say. ;)
10:24-- =FIELDZY=: Holy fxxk i can only do 2.06
8:38-- =UleeDeway=: I did a 1:47 in the McLaren!!!
8:35-- =paps=: No Live racers!!/SO.., What sort of times do we need to get to keep up with the Astons @Bathurst :P
7:51-- =paps=: Yes!
7:01-- =UleeDeway=: Yeah!!! :D
Think you'll make this one Mr.Paps? ;)
6:25-- =paps=: Bathurst..wooot :P
3:36-- =FIELDZY=: Remember all that this weekend race is at Bathurst. 90 min endure server will be up soon.
3:34-- =FIELDZY=: Ulee can you upload to ts your race results folder please
7:32-- =paps=: Hey fieldz, sent you a msg on Facebook mssenger bro,
5:17-- =FIELDZY=: Sorry I need the results file from someone that race last night. You find them in user data log results. So if someone can upload them to ts thanks.

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TOPIC: rFactor 2 Friday nights HARDCORE

rFactor 2 Friday nights HARDCORE 2 years 10 months ago #3119

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Adsta wrote:
I agree, I've enjoyed the last two Friday nights racing.

Now that I'm not on the tools at work I told them I didn't want to drive the 3 hours for 4 hours work on Saturday, which they were fine with.
So now I only work 5 days a week and I can stay up late two nights a week. :woohoo:

Remember when you were young and could stay up late every night.:(

Anyways, lovin the fun runs but has there been any thought of a rF2 Friday night series?
I would enjoy that with you lunatics plus it's always good to chat with Pap's dog on TS. B)
2nd this idea adsta i think were all ready to go hardcore on fridays and ill try to g up those asrnz lads :)
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rFactor 2 Friday nights HARDCORE 2 years 10 months ago #3133

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It worked Glynn!!! :woohoo:
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