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6:06-- GBarnier: «link»
6:04-- GBarnier: RF2 has some work to do …
6:03-- GBarnier: «link»
6:39-- =paps=: rF2 Improvements
6:38-- =paps=: «link»
2:02-- =paps=: Definitely a lot of fun, should get even better as they iron out the bugs.
4:00-- glynn: great fun in the sprint cars last night thanks hc
0:47-- =UleeDeway=: Shooting Shit Saturday anyone?
9:03-- =UleeDeway=: Be there shortly GB
8:45-- =Lildave=: I think 9.4 gig of rF2 replays was enough and time for a clean!
9:46-- =Fieldzy=: Sorry server windows update. All will be back online in couple mintues
6:36-- =paps=: thanks mate.
3:42-- =Fieldzy=: Porsche 9992 Server is up No Gear Protection so take your time to learn. Any problems I will fix on Friday
3:08-- =UleeDeway=: Sounds like a single player tutorial only. Just to tease us.
1:50-- =paps=: Haha..
23:17-- GBarnier: Must .. keep .. working .., resist .. turning .. on .. cockpit :S
22:36-- =UleeDeway=: Truck World Driving School has been released and is FREE «link»
10:29-- =Fieldzy=: Just race that lap thing is for ACC
9:33-- =Lildave=: Does anyone Know how I get to this LFM validation server to do my laps.?? gmf.
8:30-- =Fieldzy=: Please vote in the Porsche 992 forum fif you want or don't want: No gear protection on server.
5:45-- =Lildave=: So apparently the shift protection in the Porche is not revs related, but "Pedal position/Percentage" «link»
8:40-- =Fieldzy=: Adelaide fix just from steam now no update required
8:21-- =Fieldzy=: Adelaide update is in rf2 ts file browser update
8:16-- =Fieldzy=: Uplaoding to ts now
8:10-- =paps=: same
7:49-- =Lildave=: Cant get in Fieldzy, Mod manager saying problem with Adelaide ? which I have.
7:38-- =Fieldzy=: Sunday test Porsche 992 Street server. 6.30pm QLD Time
7:30-- =paps=: thanks Dave..
7:29-- =paps=: +
7:15-- =Lildave=: Paps,Gold Coast and Townsville should be in rF2 file browser.
7:43-- =paps=: okay
2:29-- =Fieldzy=: If at some time today could someone with the Porsche 992 car log into the street server to check for login problems. Please
2:26-- =Fieldzy=: All the Porsche Severs. The BTCC server has 3 carson it BMW, Ford Focus sST and Infiniti Q50 V37
2:23-- =Fieldzy=: Rfactor 2 servers are back up and running. All the servers have free tracks and the download links are in the forum. You only need the buy the new Porsche gt3 992 cup car. $7.85 aud
0:55-- =Fieldzy=: Rfactor server will be off line for about an hour now due to updates and clean out. Cheers
23:31-- =Fieldzy=: Good turnout on the Porsche server last night. There seems to be great feedback about this car and good interest in running a series. I’ll get some more tracks up on another server for testing. Cheers

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TOPIC: rFactor 2 Friday nights HARDCORE

rFactor 2 Friday nights HARDCORE 6 years 3 months ago #3119

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Adsta wrote:
I agree, I've enjoyed the last two Friday nights racing.

Now that I'm not on the tools at work I told them I didn't want to drive the 3 hours for 4 hours work on Saturday, which they were fine with.
So now I only work 5 days a week and I can stay up late two nights a week. :woohoo:

Remember when you were young and could stay up late every night.:(

Anyways, lovin the fun runs but has there been any thought of a rF2 Friday night series?
I would enjoy that with you lunatics plus it's always good to chat with Pap's dog on TS. B)
2nd this idea adsta i think were all ready to go hardcore on fridays and ill try to g up those asrnz lads :)
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rFactor 2 Friday nights HARDCORE 6 years 3 months ago #3133

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It worked Glynn!!! :woohoo:
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