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10:59-- =Fieldzy=: The seventh TCR will be out this week.
7:33-- =UleeDeway=: I'll try and be there
4:09-- =Fieldzy=: 7.30 ets2 test
3:45-- =Spacko=: hi guys you dont need to download any multiplayer as the convoy mode is a part of ETS2
3:34-- =UleeDeway=: What time tonight?
0:35-- GBarnier: Cool, I’ll try and be in for the trial.
23:57-- =Fieldzy=: Your right GB you can join by the convoy icon. You will see my room when I enable it. I will be on tonight for a trial. It is set to my friends only so you will be able to join stops outsiders to join. Cheers
22:40-- GBarnier: I thought ETS2 had multiplayer now in game? Anyway, I installed the MPTrucks mod last night. Bit of mucking around but seems to be working. Not sure how we can join through friends as it only wants to load the standard game when I tried? So, went into game to try and remember all the buttons and it’s started coming back to me, enough to drive around :) Then I noticed a ‘convoy’ icon in the in-game menu which seems to be an in-game multiplayer, or was it added when I installed the MPTrucks mod?
7:02-- =Fieldzy=: Copy
6:32-- =Spacko=: just about to head to work if your here tomorrow ill chat to you
6:23-- =Fieldzy=: We can do one on weekend sunday luch ?
6:21-- =Spacko=: bummer im on nightshift
5:41-- =Fieldzy=: Okay guys Wednesday night I will have a ETS room to run a convey. There is a limit of 8. You will be able to join by steam friends. Room is Haredcore Haulage.
4:14-- =Fieldzy=: ETS Multiplayer you all need to do this «link»
3:47-- =Fieldzy=: I found the problem now all fixed. Server up with the correct cars.
3:29-- =Fieldzy=: I don't know why I can get both working off line but not online. I'll keep looking to see if I can fix. Not giving up just yet but at least there is a server with someyhing on it
3:11-- =UleeDeway=: We used it previously though. If we can't though, the race will just be cancelled since no one bothers to show up for them anyways. :D
2:03-- =Fieldzy=: I had to put the Megane on.
2:02-- =Fieldzy=: Sorry ULEE but the clio hasd a problem we can't run it on server.
1:18-- =UleeDeway=: Thanks =Fieldzy=
1:07-- =Fieldzy=: Iam cleaning up our RF2 servers today. Will take some time but well overdue.
11:08-- =UleeDeway=: PM sent =Fieldzy=
9:40-- =paps=: yeah a little less wheel work going on the the ol truck drivin..but yeah i'm keen for a truck night if it's possible, Spacko would know more than me.. But anyways have fun tonight guys hopefully i'll be good for next week :)
8:44-- =UleeDeway=: Convoy? Is that even possible?
7:53-- GBarnier: Hiya Dash
7:53-- GBarnier: That sucks Paps, hope it heals quickly. So, can’t drive a sedan but an 18 wheeler is fine :D maybe we need a multiplayer truck night? I see some more big updates.
7:46-- =Fieldzy=: Copy
7:36-- =paps=: busted a Rib on thursday, .. So might stick to the Euro Trucks for tonight.
12:18-- =paps=: Thank you 'Mr IPPY GRAMMAR Nazi' ????
4:46-- =Dashman=: ahhh ha! :)
1:47-- =Knuckles=: *you're
5:27-- =paps=: Gday stranger.. good to see your still alive and kickin my friend... ;)
11:34-- =UleeDeway=: Good to hear from you. Hope to see you one track or in the ARMA server soon.
10:18-- =Fieldzy=: Yeh the old farts still going
7:07-- =Dashman=: Im still here ya dead boogeies! Im working to getting back in...news soon :)
1:50-- =UleeDeway=: Yes, where is the Dashman?

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