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8:27-- =Chill=: lame
7:46-- ORA-Ulee Deway: Can't make it tonight guys. Hope to see you on track next weekend. ;)
6:46-- =Chill=: maybe for next week...
7:55-- =paps=: Maaybee we could put this on the GT3 server for tnight...Maybe? :P
6:44-- =paps=: Nice Track! :)
5:41-- =paps=: DX11-Road Atlanta 2017 - «link»
23:03-- =FIELDZY=: Try it no good
9:24-- =Chill=: try this Fieldzy... «link»
8:00-- =paps=: :P
8:00-- =paps=: Yeah it looks like it's working...I have no idea what i'm doing..But I have access.
3:38-- =Chill=: see if it works, i think i got it right
3:35-- =paps=: Great News.. thnx Chill.
21:13-- =Chill=: paps and adsta linked to live racers admin now, you should be able to login to live racers with your own account and administer the hardcore domain...
19:44-- =Chill=: Pm Adsta
12:55-- =Chill=: )
10:05-- =DOCKY=: See Dash this time I made sure they DIDN'T forget the GWAVY !!!Lmao
3:41-- ORA-Ulee Deway: right back at ya!!! ;)
2:09-- =paps=: PM Ulee
8:16-- =paps=: Is everything ok Typhon?..you were in TS but your mic was muted ??
4:12-- =paps=: :)
4:08-- Typhon: All sorted now, thx Paps.
3:48-- =paps=: Uhmm, ..try this version of zandvort if you haven't got it already - «link»
2:57-- Typhon: I'm hoping to Pap's. I'm getting the Package not available error trying to the server. I can join the AL server w/o any issues.
2:03-- =paps=: Would be great to see you for a few laps tonight Typhon.. :)
2:01-- =paps=: You'll pobably have most of the tracks anyways Ty, but yeah you will need everything...they are test servers thats why we have so many different tracks to choose from.
23:52-- Typhon: Will I need to dl everything to join the server tonight or can I just grab the track we will be using?
6:11-- =paps=: BAM!.. «link»
5:53-- =paps=: Every one has a special needs friend Ulee..
14:24-- ORA-Ulee Deway: I'm soooo special!!! :D
16:12-- =Chill=: rF2 server fixed, just for Ulee
10:46-- =Chill=: probably been a while Fieldzy...you'd need the Apex stuff I'd say
4:14-- =FIELDZY=: Arma needs me to buy content to join ?
4:14-- =FIELDZY=: Adsta delete the mods from your root folder and reinstall the mod
3:41-- =paps=: Don't stress.. we'll be driving AL tnight then yeah! :P
3:11-- =Adsta=: Have fun in GT3 tonight. I have GT3 pack and all tracks installed but I can't join server. I can join the AL server though. Got me fucked. :(
23:05-- =Chill=: Race night racers

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