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2:45-- =FIELDZY=: Dashman there are files in ts about skins. I have also put a team hardcore skin in there as well.
0:13-- =Chill=: 32 updates to be precise
0:00-- =Chill=: might be a while
0:00-- =Chill=: arseload of updates actually
22:53-- =Chill=: should be all up shortly
22:53-- =Chill=: updating a few things mate
21:41-- =FIELDZY=: TS?
21:41-- =FIELDZY=: server?
20:38-- =FIELDZY=: Great racing last night. Looks like it is going to be a good start for 2018.
6:30-- =paps=: Thanks Chill
6:27-- =Chill=: should be fine now
6:27-- =Chill=: had a box ticked sorry
6:13-- =FIELDZY=: WTF
6:05-- =FIELDZY=: server Wont download rfmod
6:03-- =Chill=: server is ready to go for the evening
6:02-- =Chill=: server radical updated
21:09-- =Spacko=: i had to verify my files the it downloaded the new version
13:06-- =Adsta=: And the radical just got updated again v1.997. rF crash sorted Fieldzy, no need for fresh install of anything, my HUD was a DUD :_(
10:36-- =Chill=: i only have 1.995
10:36-- =Chill=: mmm I don't see the radical update
10:20-- =paps=: new teamspeak
10:20-- =Chill=: i'll update it now
10:18-- =Chill=: jesus i only made it last night
10:18-- =FIELDZY=: All good just deleted radical and download again.
10:09-- =FIELDZY=: Radical updated to 1.96 so the server has 1.95 that's why I can't get in
10:06-- =FIELDZY=: Missing radical 1.995
8:57-- =Chill=: *nothing new
8:57-- =Chill=: nothing ne in that rfmod though that I know of...worked fine for me , joined straight away
8:51-- =Chill=: Link for rfmod in forum thread updated
8:48-- =Chill=: now in old downloads as well «link»
8:43-- =Chill=: new teamspeak
8:42-- =Chill=: rfmod now available from rfactor file browser in the new teamspeak
8:37-- =FIELDZY=: ok
8:36-- =Chill=: i will put the new rfmod in the old downloads and link it in the event thread shortly...
8:36-- =FIELDZY=: ok
8:36-- =Chill=: it's a new rfmod on the new server

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