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4:51-- =FIELDZY=: password sent
4:48-- Nibiru: whats the password for TS? can someone PM me
1:08-- ZED: Had an emergency...had to leave in hurry. Everything is ok but.
1:07-- ZED: Points are up!
0:02-- =paps=: Mills TONIGHT!
10:09-- ORA-Ulee Deway: on my way in
10:03-- =paps=: I be there soonish..
9:56-- =Dashman=: anyone shotin? ill be in afta me schnitty! :P
6:07-- =paps=: HELLYeah FieldZ...was awesome! great track, An cool to see some nicely skinned cars out on track now as well. :D
5:22-- =FIELDZY=: Great racing last night all.
11:31-- ZED: Points are up!
1:54-- Jarqus-JFF: JFF WTCC in rF2 tonight starts 8pm aest
2:24-- =paps=: Thanks guys..\
2:01-- =Chill=: praccy server for barbs up too
11:27-- ZED: Points are up
9:25-- ZED: gonna be late :|
21:05-- =paps=: GT3s@SILVERSTONE TONIGHT! :P
12:16-- joeldc: guide is a little outdated but get an idea of how everything works
12:00-- joeldc: ets2mp.com is now truckersmp.com
11:55-- joeldc: skip to 2:00 min mark
11:54-- joeldc: how to guide for euro/American truck simulator multiplayer «link»
1:05-- =paps=: O.O
1:05-- =paps=: Goodwood FOS [LIVE STREAM] «link»
14:41-- =DOCKY=: «link»
14:41-- =DOCKY=: Here Ya go boys for those still wondering how much better 3monitors are than single .
13:56-- ZED: Points are up
12:40-- kunkie: Arma server updated with current CBA version, noone has to do anything as long as theyve subscribed on steam to CBA_A3
10:26-- Obbzy: EOFY! Bugger. :_(
23:33-- Obbzy: Townsville 2012 v0.46 update: «link»
6:34-- =paps=: :P
6:34-- =paps=: See ASRNZ forum for more details - «link»
6:17-- steveo: Hey guys we are have a one off oval night in the Audi TT cup car at Daytona. with push to pass and fixed set ups should be some close racing .All most welcome
14:40-- ZED: Fuji DX11 «link»
2:05-- Jarqus-JFF: JFF WTCC rF2 shakedown night tonight.
6:15-- =Chill=: restarting deddi for updates
0:41-- =paps=: when are we having a crack at these new ArMA maps? :P

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"HOG is a community oriented online gaming team that provides online organised sim racing and shooting.  We host and supply servers for both rFactor and ARMA military simulators.  Hardcore Online Gaming provides the best in custom content for our members.  We create custom mods and tracks for rFactor 1 and rFactor 2.  We create custom maps and scenarios for Arma 3.  We also create an enjoyable atmosphere to help get the most out of your hobby.  If you're into casual or serious simulation racing for trophies and prizes, or casual military simulation, then you've come to the right place.  Our quality servers are quite capable of running "door handle to door handle" with members from all over the world.  =HARDCORE= is the one stop shop for gamers, from rookies to pros."

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